Temporary Closure

Dear Cliff House Family & Friends,

In early June when we first rolled out our Cliff House @Home takeout service, we promised to keep you informed of changes as they occur. As most of you know by now dine-in service in San Francisco has been postponed due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. It is also widely known that takeout service alone is not enough to sustain the restaurant industry and it is only the ability to open at least partial dine-in along with takeout that will allow some of us to survive.

We are entering into a new era for dining and at the Cliff House we are uniquely positioned to provide this new model of operations. The sheer size of our building means we will be able to provide ample distancing between tables to provide safety and comfort for our guests. Over the last weeks we have been working hard to prepare the Cliff House to face the challenges presented by our new normal.

Our commitment to our guests, our staff, and to San Francisco has never been stronger. It is due to this very commitment that we have decided to suspend our takeout service at both the Cliff House and the Lookout Cafe effective this Monday, July 20, 2020. Because of economic pressure during this unprecedented situation we have concluded that it would be best to preserve our remaining resources to ensure a continuance of future operations. This was not an easy decision to make especially considering the support we have received from all of you.

We are constantly inspired by the feedback and love that we get from our guests, you are the reason for the Cliff House’s success and for that we are grateful. Together we will move forward and continue our 157-year tradition of serving San Francisco and the Bay Area. The Cliff House has survived earthquakes, fires, and flooding and we will survive this as well.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon.
Stay Safe!

The Cliff House Team

The Cliff House Hours

Temporarily Closed

This service is operated by Peanut Wagon Inc., a Concessionaire under contract with the U.S. Government and administrated by the National Park Service. The Concessionaire is responsible for conducting these operations in a satisfactory manner. The reasonableness of prices is based on similar operations operating under similar conditions in the area. Prices are approved by the National Park Service. Please address comments to:
General Superintendent, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Fort Mason, Building 201, San Francisco, California 94123

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